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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The World Is Flat

The World Is Flat Anecdote

A personal anecdote. My daughter, Charis, was planning on majoring in graphic design since she thought this would be a good way of utilizing her gift in art and making a living. Since reading The World Is Flat, she and i have had this whole discussion on outsourcing and the future of graphic design, with me convinced that more and more graphic work will be outsourced since it's such a fungible commodity. i'm encouraging her to pursue instead her other gift which is writing, more precisely to try to combine her gifts of writing and art, such as illustrating her own works of fantasy. So perhaps majoring in creative writing and minoring in art or vice versa, whichever gift she wants to develop the most. Raw creativity can't be outsourced. And anyway, she shouldn't settle for just a job while she's still young enough to pursue her dreams.


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