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Thursday, July 20, 2006

ALA Sessions

At ALA I went to a couple of sessions that discussed new technology. One of the presentations was called “Research Instruction in a Web 2.0 World.” This webpage they put up discusses web 2.0 and information literacy. There are also links to other resources:
This page describes the new technologies:

They talked about having assignments to teach Wikipedia. For example, have the students add content to Wikipedia based on what they’re learning in class. It’ll show them how easy it is for anyone to add content, but it teaches them to add good content, not bad. (You shouldn’t have them deliberately put up false information.)
There was also discussion about teaching students about privacy, since many of them are putting up damaging information about themselves on Facebook, MySpace, etc., and job employers are often checking these things.

I also went to a program on blogging. Here is their website:

Both sessions mentioned some interesting technologies:
Delicious - It uses “tag clouds” where you tag websites with subject terms. The subject terms that have the most websites in them will appear largest in your tag cloud, so you can see their relative significance.
Library Web Chic (for blogging)
Library Thing (keeps track of books)
Tag Warrior (I couldn’t find the website for this)
Flickr (for posting pictures)


  • At 9:09 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    Thanks for sharing Rebecca. I have a account and as I was reading your post it made me wonder if it would be helpful for the library to set up accounts as a way to share web resources with students. So a student could add Rolfing_English to their network and see English related bookmarks tagged by a librarian. Just a thought...


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