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Monday, May 21, 2007

New and Improved Google Books

Google announced (and also here) last Thursday that they now are including information on books that they haven't digitized in their book search results. Although I couldn't find hard numbers, the Inside Google Book Search blog claims that it is millions. I have noticed the results when searching Google books. Titles that previously only showed up at the bottom of the results page under "Search Library Catalog" are now integrated with the other results.

The Google library blog mentions that Google is working with 20 different union catalogs and other third party metadata sources. In at least one case the Google books record is more accurate then the Worldcat record (though I've asked for a correction to be made in OCLC). In addition to the usual title, author, publisher, some of the Google records also include summaries (I assumed supplied by the publisher) of the content.

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