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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Engaging users: the future of academic library web sites

The January issue of "College & Research Libraries" has a study that examined 111current library web sites and made recommendations for integrating web 2.0 principles from O'Reilly. Some of the web 2.0 things they currently found included RSS, blogs, wikis, podcasts, user responses, homepage customization, and virtual tours, among others.

The author recommended making the homepage a portal, where users would identify themselves, and this would then lead them to specific resources for their group. Another option would be to have "My Library Space" which allows them to customize which tools and links they want to display. They could also save things to this area and interact with others. Online communities could be encouraged through online publishing and sharing tools such as blogs, wikis, podcasting and tagging.

They mentioned doing something like this would require heavy collaboration between librarians and IT, which is true! I'm curious if something like this could be accomplished in myTrinity or Moodle...


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