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This is the blog of the Information and the Future task force of the Rolfing Library at Trinity International University. The IF task force exists to explore the role of libraries in the future of Christian higher education.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Improving IFTF

Information and the Future Task Force

Meeting Minutes 1/4/2007

Matt Ostercamp convened the meeting to introduce a new simplified vision statement for IFTF and present a new structure for the Task Force.

1. The new vision statement is: "To ask what if?" To learn about and reflect on emerging trends that may impact Rolfing Library.

The hope is that this vision statement will clear up confusion about why IFTF exists and narrow the task force's scope. It was emphasized that IFTF does not exist to create or change library policy but rather to learn about new ideas that can be shared with others on staff. Library policy should be created or changed in departmental or staff meetings. There was also discussion about if and how IFTF will interact with other TIU departments. There was concern that IFTF would be seen as an official representative of the library. It was agreed that if and when IFTF talks with others on campus we should avoid discussing library policy but rather focus on learning about new and potential campus initiatives in keeping with our purpose to learn about trends that impact the library.

2. Matt also explained that he would be creating a 3 to 6 person steering committee within IFTF to help plan and lead the full IFTF meetings. Full IFTF meetings would switch from monthly to every other month.

The reasons for making this switch included: A) To give people options in how much they want to participate in IFTF. B) Increase the amount of conversation and member contribution within IFTF. C) Make IFTF meetings more informative and productive. D) Share in the planning for IFTF.

More details on both of these points are available to Rolfing employees at:
f:\DATA\Tech Services\Administration\IF task force\IF Jan 2007.doc

Matt invited members interested in joining the steering committee to let him know by Jan. 12, 2007.

The next full IFTF meeting will be in March.


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